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How to use iptv channels safely.

Iptv services are illegal today, and very large fines are at risk for those who are not careful. Over the past six months, there have been many raids against iptv providers, where the police also come across about 40 million users ‘ ip addresses.

There is a wide-ranging investigation at the moment, and anyone who is negligent risks going there. We, like most others on the market, have therefore been forced to take extra precautions, which you should also do.

In this guide, you can learn how to protect yourself using a gaping while watching an IPTV service.

Best pirate TV service

Here you can read about which pirate TV service we consider the best in test right now. Unfortunately, over the past year, many services were shut down around the world, as a direct consequence of raids being carried out against iptv providers.

Among other things, Xtream code’s servers were shut down, resulting in about 90% of all iptv providers having to shut down because they no longer had anyone to deliver the streaming of the channels anymore.

But we have put together a best in the test of all iptv providers, and developed the test winner that also takes only about $5 / month for over 10K different sports, film and series channels from around the world.


What is iptv

Iptv or “pirate tv” that many also call it, is a type of streaming. In this case, it’s About tv channels, instead of films that have long been on the net.

All the streaming of TV channels that take place to your mobile, tablet or smart tv, takes place entirely via the internet instead of via satellites. Iptv channels are today an illegal to stream, but still attract many when you can both protect yourself with a gaping, and that you get thousands of channels for a fraction of the normal price.

Many people get an iptv subscription to get channels that normally cannot be viewed from your country. Not all too unusual is that people who come from other countries, buy an IP TV to be able to watch tv channels from their home country.

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All sports, film and series channels from premium channels, and other providers of digital television from around the world. of course you also have standard channels. Also included in these packages. To view the full range of channels in the IPTV subscription we recommend, please visit this link to all channels.

You can say that all the channels you can find at you regular tv provider + about 10,000 channels that you get access to.

No one does not have to have an iptv box in order to make use of such a service. But have you thought to check on an “old-tv” without the ability to hook it up to the net, then you will need a box.

Next to all devices that have internet connection, you can check on. There are, of course, exceptions, but all ordinary mobiles with Android and Apple iOS work without any problems. Virtually all tablets as well, only them have Android in themselves, and a connection to the net. The same also applies to the type of tv called smart tv, then also they have a play Store that you can download the app that you need to be able to see all the iptv channels on your tv.

Minimum is 8 mbit / s line if it is to float on without interference, and a 3g connection via your phone or tablet.

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